The Trip Slows To A Close

My great escape is almost over. That is, this trip out west is winding down, and soon I will wind up back in the Greater Chicago Area back home with my cat and my friends. It has been a long month, it has been a short month, but mostly it has been...a month. What have [...]


Everything Goes To Plan If You Have No Plan

It's a new rule. I have called it, created it, pushed it forth into the world through this blog post. Let's stop planning! My sister, who doubles as my travel buddy for this month, would not be happy to hear about this plan, but since most of our plans have gone awry, this no-plan plan [...]

Week One: Variations of a Theme Called ‘Lost’

I am currently unemployed by choice. I am taking a month off to travel, hike, and reconnect with the outdoors. I flew to Phoenix where I met my sister, and we drove up to L.A. together to stay with my aunt for a weekend. From there, we coasted up to Eugene, Oregon, where we are [...]

One Year Out: A List of Accomplishments

Roughly one year ago, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Elmhurst College with a degree in English. What have I accomplished this year? Well, it's not exactly the stuff the office of alumni relations wants to see on the alum updates surveys. A proper guide to life after college would tell you that I attempted [...]

A Complicated Shame

I am oscillating between states of deep anxiety and optimistic calm. This weekend, I bought a van. I spent money on this van, a good chunk of my savings, hoping that it would solve the teetering feeling in my chest. My idea was to live in the van for the summer and bum around my [...]

On Falling and Failing and Being Okay

The class that changed my life most in high school was a PE class. Physical Education. Gym. That might be unexpected coming from an academic-focused student who hated sports, but the fact of the matter is the the class changed me. It equipped me with courage and it taught me about two things: falling and [...]

Inexcusable Absence

Yes, it has in fact been ages since my last update, but I have strict no-apology policy, so all you get is a smile and a "thanks for your patience." Life has taken me. (I was going to finish that with a nice " new directions," but the period wanted to be there.) Life has [...]